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6'2 Carver Foil Sup

6'2 Carver Foil Sup

6'2 x 28.5 x 5.8 x 142L Carver Foil SUP – Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP)

Blue Planet Surf Online Package Deal: SUP board, deck pad, board bag,

Carver SUP

The Carver Foil SUPs are our series of high-performance boards for SUP surf foiling, downwinding and wind wing foiling. Relative to our Easy Foiler SUPs, we reduced the overall size of the Carvers while keeping the volume consistent to help intermediate to advanced foilers who want to step up their game.

Although a shorter and narrower board decreases the total ease of use, it significantly improves in flight maneuverability. The beveled rails, chisel tail and rounded nose all contribute to increased banking performance by decreasing the profile all around the board. Altogether, the Carver SUP’s smaller footprint, beveled rails, chisel tail and soft entry make flying the foil easier and better than ever.

Please watch the video for details on design features, the patent pending Foil Strongbox design, and construction.

Available dimensions: 5’2x26.5x94L, 5’8x27.5x114L, 6’2x28.5x142L

Foil NOT included but available as add-on product.


    For info on this board contact Txt or call 020 1000638

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