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Blue Planet Alien Wing

Blue Planet Alien Wing

The Blue Planet Alien Wing has been in development for over a year and will finally be available to ship in sping 2022. The video below introduces the wing design, features, sizes and colors available, and how you can get one.


Wing features


There is also a great review from the Supboarder..


What makes the Alien Wing unique is the stiff, compact airframe, high canopy tension, well balanced handles and layout, all of which allow for predictable handling, easy transitions and luffing, easy starts and acceleration, lofty jumps and smooth sailing for freeriders at all levels.

The wing includes a backpack carry bag with mesh stuff sack insert,  spectra wing leash, repair kit, attachment points for harness lines and Y-handles. The removable Y-handles can be used on all wing sizes and will be available soon.


Sizes available:

3M    $ 999.00

4M    $ 1120.00

5M    $ 1200.00

6M    $ 1250.00

7M    $ 1300.00 


To buy contact:  email: or phone/txt: 020 1000638



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