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Carver Carbon Foil

Carver Carbon Foil


The Carver foils are our second generation of modular foils for surf, downwind, and wind wing foiling.  We have 5 different front wing sizes which maximizes the range and versatility.  

The smaller wings are great for high performance foiling in faster waves, while the larger foils are great for downwind foiling and small, sloping waves.  

We have upgraded our layups and connections to be as tight and stiff as possible to optimize performance.


We are using CNC Titanium inserts in the fuselage for a strong, direct connection between the front wing and the mast, as well as the tail wing connection.  Titanium is very expensive but does not corrode in salt water the way aluminum alloys will.


All wings are interchangeable, so you can add wings in the future and we have two mast lengths available, 26" (66cms) and 30" (75cms).


XS Carver Foil front wing 1050 cm2
S Carver Foil front wing 1300 cm2
M Carver Foil front wing 1580 cm2
L Carver Foil front wing 1800 cm2
XL Carver Foil front wing 2000 cm2


    For info on this contact Txt or call 020 1000638

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