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Wing Master V2

Wing Master V2

The Wing Master V2 is the progression of the original Wing Master shape, keeping the soft "boofy" nose entry , full rounded rails, and combining it with narrower width, lower volume, straighter and longer waterline and slightly wider tail for quick, smooth takeoffs. The wing master does not try to be everything for everyone, it's a purebred wing foil board with a thinner profile that allows you to feel more connected to the foil, has low drag at takeoff speeds, and glances off the water predictably at high speeds.


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It's available in these 3 sizes:

4'6 x 21 x 4.5 x 60L

4'10 x 22 x 4.7 x 72L

5'3 x 24 x 5.3 x 96L


Construction/ colors available:

Full carbon- white/ blue

Bamboo hybrid- blue/ white

Bamboo hybrid- teal/ white

Bamboo hybrid- rasta/ white


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